Helping mowgli to return to the man village.

Term of service

1967- present

Battle status

On hold against simba

Bagheera is one of the main heroes in the jungle book film and book.

Book version

In the book bagheera was put in a cage at an early age. When he was finally old enough he broke free of his cage by smashing the lock. He escaped into the jungle where he quickly gained the respect of all the forrest animals, except shere khan of course. He then helps the wolf pack with raising mowgli and returns a payment by killing a bull so mowgli can return to the man village. When mowgli is captured by the monkeys he, baloo and Kaa all go to rescue him. Kaa hypnotises all the monkeys and makes then walk into his mouth. He also hypnotises baloo and bagheera (Accidentlly) and mowgli has to save them (He is amune to the hypnotising as he is human). Bagheera used to wear a collar and lead but the only person who he has told is mowgli. He spoils mowgli.

Movie version

In the film version he was the one who found mowgli and gave him to the wolves to look after. When he is old enough he takes mowgli back to the village but mowgli keep trying to escape. Mowgli gets hypnotised by kaa but bagheera saves him. Whne mowgli gets captured by monkeys bagheera and baloo go to rescue him and end up destroying the jungle ruins. He finally manages to get him back to the man village.

In the jungle book 2 he has a patrol to stop baloo from taking mowgli from the man villiage. He fails however and baloo manages to take him back to the jungle. He finds out however and goes to find him. Later on in teh movie he runs into baloo and mowgli's little brother. Baloo tells him that mowgli is being chased by shere khan and leaves mowgli's brother with him. At first he is weary of him but soon loves to play with him.

Battle against simba