• Neeshamartellio

    lee kanker was a happy shy sweet girl and she was from Ireland and she had autism

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  • J.J. Chambers


    May 25, 2015 by J.J. Chambers

    Hello, everyone!

    Can you join it? If you're interested in them, then here you go.

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  • Greenberet5


    Bugs Bunny: Wasscaly wabbit with wit from Looney Toons


    Mickey Mouse: Worlds most famous mouse from the wonderful world of Disney


    Bugs Bunny is a sarcastic, witty rabbit from Warner Bros. He is known for his sneaky ways and neverending hunger for carrots. Constantly being hunted by Elmer Fudd and Wile E. Coyote, he always manages to outsmart them. However, Bugs plays dirty and is hard to beat. Associates include Daffy Duck and Porky Pig.

    Mickey Mouse is an all American favorite. First appearing in 1927, he is the worlds most famous cartoon. Feartured in several TV shows and movies, he has become a pop icon. However, he began his fighting career in the video game Kingdom of Hearts, where you can play as many other Disney C…

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  • Greenberet5


    Rick Grimes: post apocalypic cop who leds a group onded by fate.


    Tallahassee: Twinkie loving zombie hunter in ZombieLand


    Rick Grimes was the Kings County sherrif until he was shot. When he woke out of his coma, the zombie apocalypse had begun. After finding his wife and son, he led a group of survivors across the country.

    Tallahassee was a regular guy before the apocalypse. When his son, Buck, was infected early on, he formed a vendetta against zombies. After meeting Columbus, Little Rock and Wichita at ZombieLand, he fought off zombies while on the never ending hunt for Twinkies.

    Rick: Colt Python

    .357 Magnum 

    6 rounds

    Tallahassee: Colt M1911A1

    .45 ACP

    7 rounds

    Edge: Both of these guns are beautiful in their own way


    Rick: …

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  • Greenberet5

    John Rambo: Vietnam vet turned badass


    Termiator: Cyborg assassin from the future


    Ht. 6-3

    Wt. 205 lbs.

    Specialitys: Guerilla warfare, helicopters, 56 confirmed kills

    Portrayed by: Slyvester Stallone

    Ht. 6-8

    Wt. 1 ton

    Specialitys: Killing, killing, killing

    Portrayed by: Arnold Schwatzneggar

    Rambo: M60 Machine Gun

    Terminator: M134 Minigun

    Edge: M134 Minigun its larger caliber, more rounds, and higher rate of fire.

    Rambo: AK-47

    Terminator: Winchester 1887

    Edge: AK-47 for holding more rounds and having a higher rate of fire.

    Rambo: Colt M1911

    Terminator: AMT Hardballer Longslide

    Edge: AMT Hardballer Longslide for its longer barrell and laser sight.

    Rambo: RPG-7 

    Terminator: M79 Grenade Launcher

    Edge: RPG-7 for being more devastating.

    • fought in Pac…

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  • PeteyS

    Google vs Bing

    April 5, 2014 by PeteyS

    Google: A search engine, vs. Bing: another search engine.


    Google Weapons

    Google Search
    Google Earth
    Google Hangouts

    Bing Weapons



    Please vote

    My edge goes to Bing. Google may be used more, but he might be too old to defend himself in an one on one fight. It would be like Charlie Chaplin vs Dubstep

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  • Goddess of Despair

    Big Daddy V; The Mastodon, and most dominant force in the WWE!

    Darlene Fleischermacher; The large, scooter riding psychopath of the zombie apocolypse!

    Who is deadliest? To find out, our wikians are testing history's most lethal weapons. We'll see what happens when these warriors go toe-to-toe! No rules, no safety, no mercy. It's a duel to the death to decide who is the deadliest warrior!

    "I see the way you look at me! But you know what? I'm tired of low carbs. I'm tired of celery! I'M HUNGRY!"-Darlene

    Darlene Fleischermacher is a psychopath in Dead Rising 3. She is one of seven psychopaths who embody the Seven Deadly Sins. Darlene's sin is Gluttony. Due to her clinical obesity, Darlene is confined to a scooter, but her large body mass and her …

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  • DeadliestFictionalUser1

    A battle between two companies who went to war since the 80s

    Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer, Inc., is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers.

    (from wikipedia)

    Short Range iKnife
    Long Range iRifle
    Mid Range iCrossbow
    Explosive iGrenade

    Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services.

    (from wikipedia)

    Short Range Windows Dagger
    Long Range Windows Shotgun
    Mid Range Windows Bow & Arrow
    Explosive Windows Bomb



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  • Creepyfan80

    Bat Man vs Super Man

    September 25, 2013 by Creepyfan80

    Bat Man, Babe Ruth's Ultimate skill form which made baseball a legend


    Super Man, The worlds fastest athlete who forced Usain Bolt and Muhummad Ali to admit that they're weak


    Weapon Range Bat Man Super Man
    Meelee Baseball Bat Shoe Knife
    Close Range Spiked Shoes Spiked Shoes
    Short Range Exploding Baseball Super Speed
    Mid Range Baseball Sword Steel Pike

    So Tell me who would win, voting ends by 6 October

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  • Oshbosh

    McDonald n' Pals: Mascots for McDonalds

    Cereal Mascots: Mascots for various cereal brands


    Ronald McDonald


    Birdie the Early Bird

    Officer Big Mac

    Weapon Range Weapon
    Melee Fists
    Mid Range French Fry Whip
    Long Range Hamburger Throw
    Special Apple Bomb

    Voting ends by September 2nd.

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  • SPARTAN 119

    Eric Cartman, the child from South Park, who after illegally purchasing weapons, turned into the "Ninja Bulrag", who has lots and lots of powers


    Rikka Takanashi, the Japanese girl who is a powerful sorceress seeking the Ethereal Horizon... but only in her own mind...

    West and East clash in a battle to determine who has THE DEADLIEST CHILDHOOD DELUSION!

    In the South Park episode "Good Times with Weapons", the four main characters purchase ninja weapons at a county fair, after convincing the salesman to let them have them illegally by claiming they are orphans. Surprisingly, the ploy worked, and much of the rest of the episode is shown through the kid's imaginations, in which depicts them "transforming" into ninjas in a parody of "shonen" act…

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  • Justin.sommers.50

    MAPOTI,evil people who plan to take over the Internet


    The Internet Memes,famous figures on the web's best sites


    MAPOTI (Most Annoying People On The Internet) are really annoying people that attack the internet. The Start of MAPOTI orginated from Facebook,when a girl wanted more attention,so she did " annoying" things so people would pay more attention to her.

    Their weapons include

    Long Range                                                         Longsword

    Special                                                                  Virus Ray

    Explosive                                                               Website Destroyer 9000

    Mid Range                                                               Youtube Virus Creator


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  • Geomax

    Upcoming Joke Battles

    August 18, 2013 by Geomax

    The Joke Battles I'm planning on doing.

    • Battle of the Fluff Ruiners:Karen Traviss vs Matt Ward
    • Dog vs Ponies:Jake the Dog(Adventure Time) vs Raibow Dash(My Little Pony)
    • Squid Battle:Squidward(as Captain Magma) vs Squid Girl
    • So Bad It's Good Battle:Ninja Harry(Ninja Terminator) vs Grignr(The Eye of Argon)
    • Battle of the Cartoon Reality Warpers:Discord(My Little Pony) vs Haruhi Suzumiya(The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
    • Trope Battle:Rule of Cool vs Boring but Practical
    • Battle of the Fails:SIGNS Aliens vs World War Z Military vs Ultraviolet Mooks vs Tucker and Dale vs Evil College Students
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  • Justin.sommers.50

    computernerd01,the guy who makes the funniest parodies of songs


    Johnny Orlando,the terrible boy who copied MattyB


    Josh Chomik aka thecomputernerd01 is a 17yr old boy who makes parodies of songs that made me laugh my head off               

    His weapons include

    Close Range                                                     Kitchen Knife

    Long Range                                                        M16

    Special                                                               Molotov Cocktail

    Mid Range                                                          Sling Shot

    Johnny Orlando is a 10 yr old boy who decided to copy MattyB by singing other songs  

    His weapons include

    Close Range                                               …

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  • Goddess of Despair

    YOLO vs SWAG

    July 26, 2013 by Goddess of Despair

    YOLO; evil tyrant of the internet!

    SWAG; the demon that plans to take over the world!

    Who is deadliest? To find out, our wikians are testing history's most lethal weapons. No rules, no safety, no mercy. History will be re-written in this duel to the death to decide who is the deadliest warrior!

    Melee Bad Test Paper Cut Attack
    Short range Wheel lock pistol
    Medium range Flamethrower
    Long range Brown Bess Musket
    Explosive Claymore (mine)
    Special Winged Spider
    Melee Gangsta Gold Chain
    Short range Pilum
    Medium range Sawed off Double Barrel Shotgun
    Long range Composite Crossbow
    Explosive Bouncy betty
    Special Teddy Bears on Fire

    SWAG is riding on his skateboard, shotgun in hand when he spots YOLO smoking weed next to a school. SWAG yells "Fite me IRL noo…

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  • Jessica.sommers.94

    Marcline,the Vampire from Adventure Time


    (who),you choose

    Who Is Deadliest?

    Marcline Weapons



    Vote who should fight Marcy and who should win Jessica.sommers.94 (talk) 22:11, July 25, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Justin.sommers.50


    July 23, 2013 by Justin.sommers.50

    Hey guys,My Internet's glitchy and I can't edit alot,so after I write the MattyB vs Lil Fred battle,I wil take a break.

    You guys were awesome :) Justin Sommers (talk) 08:27, July 23, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Justin.sommers.50

    MattyB,Youtube's greatest rapper who covered almost every song in the world


    Lil Fred,the younger adaptation of Fred Figglehorn


    MattyB is a American-Australian rapper from Youtube.He is probably 9-10 years old.

    His weapons include

    Long Range                                                              Microphone Catapult

    Special                                                                       Stilleto

    Short Range                                                                iPhone




    Other Name(s):Matthew Barret

    Henchmen:2 BBoys and 2 BGirls


    Lil Fred is a Fred fan w…

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  • Justin.sommers.50

    Hi my fellow Wikians,I'm asking if anyone could join this wiki similar to Deadliest Fiction!%20Wiki?wiki-welcome=1 :) Justin Sommers (talk) 22:12, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Justin.sommers.50

    Wassboss,A DF User who became a settler to the new world of Deadliest Jokes Wiki


    Lasifer,Another DF User who protected his hometown


    Wassboss was born on June 18 in England who was a User on and he also worked as a Angry African Apple Picker.

    His weapons include

    Close Range Machete
    Long Range AK-47
    Short Range Guitar of John Lennon
    Mid Range Slingshot

    Wassboss's Profile Pic -->



    Other Name(s):EESDESESESRDT

    Motto:"I am Wassboss and I am your friend (unless you hate me then get lost)"

    Lasifer was a User on  as well,Born on September 25 in California ,Lasifer didn't edit but he commented and joined the ch…

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  • Justin.sommers.50

    Gru vs Pops

    July 4, 2013 by Justin.sommers.50

    Gru,the genuis father from despicable me


    Pops,the Haliarious British man from Regular Show


    Gru is the main character in the movie "Despicable Me". He is a Fat,Bald and Intelegent mad scientist. But,he adopted 3 girls (Margo,Edith and Agnes) and became their father.

    His weapons include:

    Close Range Fart Gun
    Mid Range Lipstick Taser
    Long Range Jelly Gun
    Special Freeze Ray




    A naïve lollipop-shaped man who is almost always in a jolly mood. He was born on August 20th. Pops works with Benson as a park manager yet acts as a groundskeeper. He tends to be overly ecstatic about every situation, and expresses himself as an upright gentleman to the point where he overly extends his words and sentences formally.


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  • Justin.sommers.50

    Gru (Dispicable Me) vs Pops (Regular Show)

    Wassboss vs Lasifer

    MattyBRaps vs Lil Fred

    computernerd01 vs Johnny Orlando

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  • Justin.sommers.50

    Yo Mama,the funniest joke in history


    Justin Bieber,the most hated singer ever

    who is deadliest?

    Justin Bieber Weapons

    Singing "Baby"

    Bieber Blast

    Yo Mama Weapons

    Fat Tummy

    Super Fart

    Vote who would win

    also vote where they should fight

    1.Justin Bieber Concert


    Voting ends Friday 5th July 2013

    In a quiet California house,A Mama is reading a book. Suddenly the doorbell rings,Mama opens the door. Justin Bieber is at her door singing ""Baby".Annoyed by the music,Mama farts in Justin's face.Justin punches Mama two times in the face. They both start punching each other until Justin readies his bieber blast.Mama blocks the blast with her tummy and delivers a roundhouse kick to Justin's head.Justin chases Mama to her room and he punches Mama agai…

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  • Oshbosh

    O.W.C.A vs The Toon Patrol

    November 6, 2012 by Oshbosh

    Today,for my first battle here, we have two law enforcing, secret agennt animal groups. They are...

    The Toon Patrol: The police force of Toon Town

    O.W.C.A: The Orginization Without A Cool Acronym that employs animals as secret agents

    Who is deadliest

    (By the way, yes i'm doing this on Deadliest Fiction, but I think this would fit well here as well.)

    Smarty: Revolver, Switchblade

    Greasy: Semi Automatic Pistol, Switchblade

    Pyscho: Straight Razor

    Wheezy: Tommy Gun

    Stupid: Baseball bat with a nail through it

    Perry the Platypus: Buzzsaw, crossbow, ray gun, jet pack (all agents have martial arts, Jet pack and crossbow)

    Terry the Turtle: Carbonator (orange juice gun)

    Agent K (kitty cat): Claws

    Agent R (racoon): Claws

    Agent B (Bear): Claws, Teeth

    Voting ends by …

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  • Cfp3157

    J.F Kennedy: One of the greatest preesidents that lived.

    Chuck Norris: The king of awesome with his roundhouse and his beard punch.!!!!!

    JFK Chuck Norris
    KA-BAR Beard Punch
    M16 Bayonet Roundhouse
    M16 Pure Awesomeness

    Vote by June 10th.

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  • Death'sapprentice77

    Chris-Chan Sonichu, the spotlight stealing author avatar of Christian Weston Chandler, who wields god-like powers and wages constant battle against the "evil" Mary Lee Walsh vs. Ebony "Enoby" Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, the "Goffik," Satanist student of Hogwarts who struggles with (poorly written) teenage drama and the threats of Lord Voldemort. It's a clash of the two titans of god-awful fanfiction but only one can be, THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR.

    Chris-Chan Sonichu is the alterego of Christian Weston Chandler, "the intrusive creator" of Sonichu. He is able to transform in to Chris-Chan Sonichu via touching his Sonichu medallion and saying the words,"Electric Hedgehog Power." Once in this form he possesses many different powers including but n…

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  • Sport Shouting

    Michael Jackson- The King of Pop and child sensation

    Justin Bieber- The "next Michael Jackson" and the most popular teenager in the world.

    1. It will be in rap battle format
    2. State why the person would win
    3. You can include a rhyme or two for me to include
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  • PeterTheMadagascarFan

    Sandy Cheeks, the squirrel that can do karate.


    Kitty Katswell, the top secret agent of T.U.F.F.

    Who Is Deadliest?????

    Sandy Cheeks

    Weapons Karate Gloves

    Other Traits Karate & strategy

    Kitty Katswell

    Weapons Sharp Claws

    Other Traits Karate & Detective work


    Coming Soon

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  • PeterTheMadagascarFan

    Baloo, The jungle bear that loves to have fun with Mowgli and has to take him the man village for Bagheera.


    Po, The panda that loves kung fu and became the dragon warrior by defeating Tai Lung.

    Who Is Deadliest???????


    Weapons: Claws and Fruits

    Other Weapons: Strength


    Weapons: Bamboo Stick and Kung Fu

    Other Weapons: Agilty & Strength

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  • PeterTheMadagascarFan

    The Genie, the most funniest character from Aladdin.


    Merlin, the most powerful wizard from The Sword In The Stone

    Who Is Deadliest??????

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  • ShodaiGoro


    The legendary gamer, who swears at and destroys terrible games...



    Minecraft's greatest berserker, who has become the bane of all keyboards.




    The Nerd's Arsenal
    Short Fists and Feet Mid Powerglove
    Long Super Scope
    Special "Cargo"

    Ally: Super Mecha Death Christ

    Nova's Arsenal
    Short Diamond Sword Mid Flint and Steel
    Long Bow and Arrow
    Special TNT

    Ally: Sp00n

    Voting ends 4/28

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  • ShodaiGoro


    The legendary pop singer who angered a nation...



    Russia's Rick Astley, better known as "Mr. Trololo"...




    Rick's Weapon: Rick Roll (Never Gonna Give You Up)

    Eduard's Weapon: Trolololol (I Am Glad, 'Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home)



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  • MrPacheco101

    Yeah it's been awhile since i did a battle here, but I'm back and bringing you a battle between two of the most well-known names in Reggae music The former Wailer members and friendly rivals...

    Bob "Tuff Gong" Marley(1945-1981): The man who brought the reggae music on the map with his his lyrics of love, peace, and unity in such songs like "One Love/Peple Get Ready" and " Three Little Birds".


    Peter "The Toughest" Tosh(1944-1987): A muscian known for his controversial lyrics about legalization of marijuana, his militant stand for equal rights and justice for all Africans, the government system, and his run-ins with the law.


    Years Active: 1962-1981


    Associated bands: The Wailers (1962-1973)

    Backing Band & Vocals…

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  • Tesla Man

    Leonardo Da Vinci; The Itallian painter-guy who painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, vs, Leonardo Di Caprio; The Pheonominal actor who went down with the Titanic and washed up on the shores in Inception





    Weapon #1: Paint Brush

    Weapon #2: Canvas

    Weapon #3: Itallian Breadstick

    Weapon #1: Life Preserver

    Weapon #2: Microphone

    Weapon #3: His Oscar Award

    Uhh... A... uhh... White Room... With a Family of uhh... ducks, and a uhh... swingset... yeah, a swingset

    NOW VOTE YOU SORRY LITTLE.... uhh, nice children... *Smiles Sheepishly*

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  • Lasmoore

    Range Weapon
    Close Butcher Knife
    Mid Hacksaw
    Long Throwing Hatchet and Large Wooden Mallet
    Special Scalpel and Ceiling-Mounted Buzzsaw
    X-Factor Psychopathic, Cannibalistic, Sadistic, No Mercy for her victims, and Cuteness

    Range Weapon
    Close Switchblade
    Mid Shovel
    Long Walther PPK Pistol
    Special Bowling Balls, Bowling Pins, and Fists
    X-Factor High Intelligence, Knows guns very well, Sociopathic, Former Criminal, and Low Temper

    Battle ends whenever i say, and Battle takes place in Pinkie's Liar.

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  • Thats random369

    Channel 4: The deadly San Diego news team made infamous by the battle of the news teams vs. Clam Clubbers: Quahog's deadly drunks that cause maximum chaos on there boose runs. WHO IS DEADLIEST?!

    Warrior: Channel 4 Clam Clubbers
    Short range: Champ's Brass Knuckles and Ron's Burda Club Baseball Bat & Broken Bottle
    Mid range: Brick's Trident/Trident Throw Darts and Pool Cue
    Long range: Beretta 92FS

    Special: Brick's Mk 2 Grenade Peter's Thinking Grenades



    62/32-58 (depending if there drunk)



    Killer Instinct








    ends soon

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  • Godkombat21

    Flippy vs Pinkie Pie

    January 28, 2012 by Godkombat21

    Flippy, the psycho bear for the war


    Pinkie Pie, the murderous pony


    Close Range Combat Knife
    Mid Range Chainsaw
    Long Range Harpoon
    Speacial Flamethrower

    Close Range Butcher Knife
    Mid Range Ax
    Long Range Wooden Mallet
    Special Hooves Read more >
  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    Santa Claus, the privacy-violating giver of presents on Christmas Day!

    The Easter Bunny, the egg-bringing visitor of homes on Easter!


    Santa Claus: Easter Bunny:
    Close: Whip Close: Fists
    Medium: Snowball Medium: Egg
    Long: Snowball-shooting AK-47 Long: Mint-shooting M4A1
    Explosive: Explosive Snowball Explosive: Explosive Easter Egg
    Special: "Ho Ho Ho" Sonic Boom Special: Boomerang
    Minions: Christmas Elves Minions: Anthropomorphic Rabbits

    • This will be 3-on-3, with Santa and 2 elves vs. EB and 2 rabbits.
    • Santa's sleigh will appear as transportation and will not be used in the real battle.


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  • Godkombat21

    Sharptooth vs Rudy

    January 3, 2012 by Godkombat21

    Sharptooth, the vicous tyrannosuarus with an unquinchable bloodlust


    Rudy, The appex albino predator of the ice age



    Weapon Teeth and Claws
    Powers/Abilities Supernatural strength, stamina, reflexes, and jumping ability, larger then normal size, hostility towards friend and foe alike
    X-factor Sharptooth is an incredably aggressive even by the standerds of a t-rex, he is one of the largest of his species and is hostile towards all who incounter him


    Weapon Teeth and Claws
    Powers/Abilities Incredable size and strength, Incredably vicous nature, incredable stamina and flexablity
    X-factor Rudy is the appex predator of the dinosaur valley and because of this all dinos including t-rexes fear him, his vertualy fearless an…

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  • Godkombat21

    Maleficent vs Jafar

    December 21, 2011 by Godkombat21

    Maleficent, the mistress of all evil


    Jafar, the most powerful sorcerer of all time


    Power Evil Sorcery
    Special Giant Snake form Read more >
  • Sport Shouting

    Freddiew vs Smosh

    November 5, 2011 by Sport Shouting

    This battle didn't work on Deadliest Fiction wiki so I did it here.

    Smosh- the youtube channel full of hilarious warfare.

    Freddiew- The channel full of intense action


    Smosh- S&W Model 59- Going to the Mountains

    AK-47- Pokemon in Real Life 2
    Donut Flamethrower- Food Battle 2010

    Freddiew- Revolver- Cereal Killer

    HK 636- Flower Warfare
    AT4- Rocket Jump

    The weapons for this youtube channel clash are.....

    Freddiew Smosh
    Close Range- Revolver S&W Model 59
    Long Range- HK G36 AK-47
    Special- AT4 Donut Flamethrower Read more >
  • Thats random369

    McDonald 'n' Pals: Wierd people, animals and things who push there food on the world vs. Cereal Monsters: Crazy beasts with there own tasty cereal. Who Is The Yummyest Warrior?!


    Ronald McDonald


    Mayor McCheese

    Short range: Browning Semi-Automatic Pistol

    Mid range: AK-47

    Long range: Dragunov Rifle

    Melee: Kilij


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  • Thats random369

    Rebecca Black: teen pop star known to be the worst singer of all time vs.Fred Figglehorn: loud chipmunk voiced video maker who is the most subscribed person on youtube. Two of the most hated youtubers of all time, but only one can be The Deadliest Idiot!!!

    Long range: High Pich Squeal

    Mid range: Neighbourhood Squirrels

    Short range: Katana

    Minions: Subscibers

    Long range: Super Sonic Shriek

    Mid range: Car

    Short range: Kilij

    Minions: Friends








    Fred is walking down the street with 3 subscribers. Suddenly a red convertable is driving down the street, in the car there is an annoying teen shrieking. Once the car is 50 feet away the shriek makes one of the subscribers head explodes. Fred smirks and squeals as loud as he …

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  • Rebel fighter

    Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent who later became president of Russia. vs. George W. Bush, Former president of the United States of America that got his nation into two wars! WHO IS DEADLIEST!?

    Putin attacks with

    Long Range: Dragunov SVD

    Mid Range: AK-47

    Close Range: Makarov PM

    Special weapons: Martial Arts

    Bush Counters with

    Long Range: M40A3

    Mid Range: M4 Carbine

    Close Range: M1911

    Special weapons: dodge stuff (Shoes, garbage, crap etc.)

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  • Thats random369

    Michael Scott: Idiot boss of the office vs. Cosmo Kramer: Wacky nabor on seinfeld. Who Is Deadliest?!

    Short range: Pen

    Mid range: Coffee Mug Throw

    Long range: Staple Gun

    Minions: Dwight Shrewt, Andy Benard and Jim Halbert

    Short range: Cigar

    Mid range: Lamp Throw

    Long range: Potatoe Gun

    Minions: Newman, Jerry Seinfeld and Gorge Castanza








    Michael, Dwight, Andy, Jim and Pam are having a staff meeting when Pam suddenly is hit in the head with a lamp, she drops dead. The office people turn around to see Kramer, Newman, Gorge and Jerry standing all armed with their weapons. Jim grabs Michaels coffee mug and slashes the hot coffee into Jerry's face temporarelly blinding him. Michael then stabs Jerry in the eye, it peirce…

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  • Tomahawk23

    The Coon VS El Barto

    October 2, 2011 by Tomahawk23

    The Coon the Fat Villan who thinks he s big boned and considers himself a super hero and the heros the villans VS El Barto the Spanish Theif wanted by the law World Wide WHO IS DEADLIEST

    Weapons Coon claws Weapons El Barto Sling Shot


    his fat body

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  • CrowbarofFreeman

    Dr.Pepper vs Dr.Pib

    September 20, 2011 by CrowbarofFreeman


    Dr.Pibb: Can't really taste a difference...


    Long Range Random foot punting it
    Mid Range Random hand rolling it
    Short Range Dropping it
    Special Sharp edges
    Explosive Soda C4

    X Factor: Great tastes


    Long Range Pibb fan chucking it
    Mid Range Pibb fan Spiking it
    Short Range Freezie
    Special Splish Splash
    Explosive Pibb Atomic Bomb (Water bottle with pibb, dry ice, vinegar) Read more >
  • CuchulainSetanta

    The Ghosts: Maze-dwelling specters out to stop anyone from eating dots!

    The Space Invaders: The unstoppable horde of aliens who seek to dominate Earth!

    Who Is Deadliest?!


    Powers Kill with contact
    Tactics Work in unsion to trap enemies

    Space Invaders

    Powers Also kill with contact, occasionally shoot lasers
    Tactics Move down in massive horde, move faster for each one killed; occasionally swoop as indivudals Read more >
  • Ethank14

    Linkara vs Dr. Insano

    September 13, 2011 by Ethank14

    Linkara internet reviewer who takes on comics such a superman at earth's end and bimbos in time (shudder) VS Dr. insano a mad scientist who either helps or hinders Linkara and Sponny WHO IS DEADLIEST.

    We've gatheres a bunch of learned scientists (my cat, dogs, my multiple personalities and a friend of mine by texting) and extensive hours of research (godda do something while im sick) to decide who is the funniest warrior?

    RANGES linkara spoony
    short I AM A MAN punch stethescope
    mid magic gun gunblade
    long BFG force lightnig esq thing caused by science
    special his own megazord neutro Read more >
  • Octavius232

    Ronald Mcdonald, the clown who coaxs children to eat his burgers.

    Burger King, The sociopathic king of the second largest fast food chain in America!


    Ronald stikes with:

    Long Range:DSR-50 Sniper Rifle
    Mid Range:M27 IAR Assault Rifle
    Short Range:CZ 75 Pistol
    Special:M1939 Machete
    Explosive:Hamburger Mines

    Burger King defends with

    Long Range:JS-05 Sniper Rifle
    Mid Range:CETME Ameli Machine Gun
    Short Range:Steyr GB
    Special:Bowie Knife
    Explosive:Pineapple Grenade Read more >