King louie

King louie

King louie


Being the self proclaimed king of the jungle

Term of service

1967- his unknown disapearence

Battle status

On hold against Rafiki

King louie is a character from the film jungle book.

King loiue is the self proclaimed king of the jungle and he lives in some ancient ruins with his assortment of monkeys. He desires to be a man and kiddnaps mowgli, making a deal with him to let him stay in the jungle if he shows him how to make fire. While he is singing to mowgli about his plans, bagheera and baloo find him and plan to get mowgli back. With baloo as a distaction (Pretending to be another monkey) bagheera tries to grab mowgli back. However baloo's disguise soon fell apart and it became a grab mowgli and run competition which ended up with king louie holding up the ruins ot stop them from falling. Baloo tries to tickle him but is stopped by the monkeys who shove him under the ruins as well and king louie. Baloo promptly leaves and the ruins crumble around louie.

Louie did not appear in the second film (The voice actor for him had died and his wife refused to let disney imatate his voice) and was stated to have left the jungle.

King louie
Weapon: A plant
Other weapons: Agility and strength