Patrick star


Living in bikini bottom

Term of service


Battle status

On hold against Guthix and Pewdiepie

Partick star is a starfish living under a rock in bikini bottom. He is best friends with spongebob squarepants and he lives two doors down from him. Patrick is considered to be stupid at best but can be quite intelligent at times. He harbours super strength, regeneration skills and even the abilty to fly, though the later is rarley used. While being very stupid his best friend spongebob oftens takes his advice and labels him a genius which often results in him being worse off than he was before. He can stand up to almost any insult but if called tubby will go crazy. He is very easy going and cannot keep down a job mostly sitting at home watching t.v all day. His other hobbies include jellyfishing, eating and doing nothing for alomst endless amounts of time.