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Unarmed Combat, Giant Sega Saturn, Sega Saturn Controller, Thrown/Kicked objects, Spontaneous Explosion Generation, Self-Cloning


Japanese Sega Saturn Commercials


Advertising, Fighting zombies, deflecting missiles, beating the crap out of people who are not playing Sega Saturn



Battle Status

Will fight the Angry Video Game Nerd, May fight the Morning Rescue Guy

The solitary man who devoted his soul to the way of games Today, he returns He will punish those who do not play seriously Their battered bodies will never forget! Segata Sanshiro, Segata Sanshiro! Sega Saturn... shiro!

- Segata Sanshiro Theme, translated from Japanese

Segata Sanshiro is a martial artist featured in Sega Saturn commercials aired in Japan from 1997 to 1998. He is portrayed as a hermit living in the mountains, training in martial arts and video gaming, using a giant Sega Saturn console. He is shown in various commercials throwing opponents so hard they literally explode, scoring a baseball home run... with his feet, beating the crap out of people who are not playing Sega Saturn. Segata made one final appearance in a commercial for the Dreamcast, where he deflects a missile fired at Sega headquarters, riding it into space, where the missile detonates, presumably killing him. Unfortunately, this meant Segata Sanshiro could not be there to save the Dreamcast from tanking....