Ruling over pride rock and the grasslands

Term of service

1991- present

Battle status

On hold against Bagheera. Will Fight Mufassa

Simba is the protagonist of the lion king series.

He started life in a strange way being held above the animals of the plains. He and his friend nala went to the boneyard where they were chased by hyenas but were saved by his farther, Mufasa. Later on simba was told to wait in a cannyon by his uncle scar, who said his farther had a surprise for him. While thier he practiced his roar and a herd of wildderbeast stampeded the cannyon. He was saved by his farther again, but this time his farther was killed after he was thrown off a cliff into the wilderbeast by his brother scar. Simba ran down to see his farther and was distraught to see him dead. Scar came and told him to run away, sending the hyenas to kill him. He managed to escape them and was found a by Timon and pumba a warthog and a meerkat who taught him hakuna matata which means no worries. He was later found by nala who tried to get him to return to pride rock. He refused but was soon visited by Rafiki and has a vision from his farther telling him to return home. He did so and confronted his uncle scar who made him reveal that he had killed mufasa (Simba having belived his roar had made the wilderbeast stampede). As simba backed up from his uncle, he found himself clinging on for dear life off the edge of pride rock. Scar leant down and whispered in his ear that he had killed mufasa and simba in rage slammed scar to the floor and made him confess his crime. He then called his hyeanas to fight off simba and they did giving him the chance to escape. Simba, with the help of the lionesses and rafiki, fights off the hyenas and chases after scar. He gives him th chance to leave forever but scar refuses and they fight on top of pride rock. Scar lunges for simba and he throws him off pride rock, where he is mauled to death by the hyenas. Simba then takes his rightful place as king.

In the lion king 2 he has had a daughter named kiara who is a rebellious teenager who falls in love with an outsider called kovu. Simba is at first weary but soon grows to trust him untill kovu unwittingly leads simba to the angry outsiders who try to kill him. Beleving him have done it on purpose he forever banishes kovu from the plains. Kovu however returns to warn simba about the massive army of outsiders coming to overthrow him. After they beat them simba watches proudley as his daughter is married to kovu.

Battle against Bagerea