Freddiew, the asian badass who slaughters 'bad guys' day and night, vs FPSrussia, the proffesional russian who shoots stuff for a living! WHO IS DEADLIEST!? (please see the links)

Freddiew brings to the battle:

long 1 Barrett M82
long 2

M4 w/ red dot sight

mid 1 MP5K
mid 2 Mossberg 590
close Glock 19
explosive two-mag AT4
special 1 lightsaber
special 2 Lazer glock

FPSrussia is armed to the teeth with:

long 1 SRS
long 2 ACR
mid 1 dual mac-10's
mid 2 dual AA-12
close Desert Eagle
explosive RC/XD
special 1 LPO-50
special All purpose Remington 870

Leave your vote in the comments!

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