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  • I was born on June 30
  • My occupation is Student, Assassin, and I sell propane and propane accessories
  • I am Male
  • Death'sapprentice77

    Chris-Chan Sonichu, the spotlight stealing author avatar of Christian Weston Chandler, who wields god-like powers and wages constant battle against the "evil" Mary Lee Walsh vs. Ebony "Enoby" Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, the "Goffik," Satanist student of Hogwarts who struggles with (poorly written) teenage drama and the threats of Lord Voldemort. It's a clash of the two titans of god-awful fanfiction but only one can be, THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR.

    Chris-Chan Sonichu is the alterego of Christian Weston Chandler, "the intrusive creator" of Sonichu. He is able to transform in to Chris-Chan Sonichu via touching his Sonichu medallion and saying the words,"Electric Hedgehog Power." Once in this form he possesses many different powers including but n…

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  • Death'sapprentice77

    Ozzy Osbourne, the rock and roll rebel, who is renowned for decapitating doves, bats, and god knows what else, with only his teeth vs. Sting, former bassist of the police and famous for lyrics that except for the last three words are nearly incomprehensible.


    Sting is at home watching TV, flipping through the channels he catches Ozzy Osbourne on one of them. "Could be worse I could be Sting," says the rock icon. Sting glares at the TV, taking offense. How could this junkie compare himself to me? A legend, a god, practically, Thinks Sting. Sting now wanting to give Ozzy a piece of his mind, opens a portal of darkness and steps through it.

    Meanwhile Ozzy is still being interviewed when a portal opens up on stage and Sting steps out. Recogni…

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