Chris Cornell: Lead vocalist of Soundgarden, Audioslave, and had a solo career, which included the theme to Casino Royale!

Kurt Cobain: Lead Vocalist, and guitarist of Nirvana, who profited heavily from his own suicide!

Who?! Is?! Deadliest!!!

Comments only, please.

The sim begins as Kurt Cobain was just finishing the assembly of his double barreled Remington Spartan Shotgun, as he was contemplating killing that drug-abusing wench, Courtney Love, while outside his home, Chris Cornell of Soundgarden was preparing to sneak in with a Tokarev TT-33. He loads in a clip, as he walked into Kurt Cobain's mansion.

Kurt hears the entrance, but keeps his weapon handy, just in case... "Come, as you are, as you were.... as I want you to be." Through the hallway, the obviously superior vocals of Chris Cornell spoke out... "I've come to hunt you down" referencing a song of his own as he busted down the door, and fired at Kurt, who ran deeper into his home, as Cornell missed his shots. Chris chased Cobain down, however, opened a door to meet a load of shotgun pellets to his chest. After seeing what Kurt had done, he sheds a tear. "Dude, he was my friend and stuff..." Before turning the shotgun on himself, and blowing his head off.

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