• Geomax

    Upcoming Joke Battles

    August 18, 2013 by Geomax

    The Joke Battles I'm planning on doing.

    • Battle of the Fluff Ruiners:Karen Traviss vs Matt Ward
    • Dog vs Ponies:Jake the Dog(Adventure Time) vs Raibow Dash(My Little Pony)
    • Squid Battle:Squidward(as Captain Magma) vs Squid Girl
    • So Bad It's Good Battle:Ninja Harry(Ninja Terminator) vs Grignr(The Eye of Argon)
    • Battle of the Cartoon Reality Warpers:Discord(My Little Pony) vs Haruhi Suzumiya(The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
    • Trope Battle:Rule of Cool vs Boring but Practical
    • Battle of the Fails:SIGNS Aliens vs World War Z Military vs Ultraviolet Mooks vs Tucker and Dale vs Evil College Students
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