YOLO; evil tyrant of the internet!

SWAG; the demon that plans to take over the world!

Who is deadliest? To find out, our wikians are testing history's most lethal weapons. No rules, no safety, no mercy. History will be re-written in this duel to the death to decide who is the deadliest warrior!

Melee Bad Test Paper Cut Attack
Short range Wheel lock pistol
Medium range Flamethrower
Long range Brown Bess Musket
Explosive Claymore (mine)
Special Winged Spider
Melee Gangsta Gold Chain
Short range Pilum
Medium range Sawed off Double Barrel Shotgun
Long range Composite Crossbow
Explosive Bouncy betty
Special Teddy Bears on Fire


SWAG is riding on his skateboard, shotgun in hand when he spots YOLO smoking weed next to a school. SWAG yells "Fite me IRL noob!" Hearing this, YOLO stands up and says "You only live once...and die once!" before firing his brown bess musket, but he missed. SWAG jumped in the air and did a 360 noscope, however he missed YOLO and instead hit a claymore mine, which blew up YOLO's drug stash. 

"Oh it's on now mothafucka!" screamed YOLO who charged at SWAG with his flamethrower. SWAG quickly pulled out his pilum, and hurled it at YOLO. It rammed into YOLO's leg, making him roar in pain. SWAG rushed forward with a teddy bear on fire and slammed YOLO in the face, sending him flying thirty feet. 

YOLO pulled out the pilum from his leg, took off the flamethrower, and drew his wheel lock pistol. He pulled the trigger, however the weapon was jammed and allowed SWAG to close the distance. "Bro, do u even lift?" he said before raising his Gangsta Gold Chain.

"You only live once..." said YOLO before punched SWAG in the gut with the Bad Test Paper Cut Attack. SWAG fell to his knee and in desperation slammed YOLO in the face with the Chain. YOLO stumbled back, muttering curse words. SWAG dropped his Chain and drew another flaming teddy bear. 

YOLO charged at SWAG, but before he could use the Bad Test Paper Cut Attack, SWAG hit him the face with the flaming teddy bear, decapitating him and setting his severed head on fire.

SWAG stood up, brushed off his suit, and said "Kid you don't got any SWAG."


Expert's Opinion

SWAG won this battle due to having more SWAG. 

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