Yo Mama,the funniest joke in history


Justin Bieber,the most hated singer ever

who is deadliest?

Justin Bieber Weapons

Singing "Baby"

Bieber Blast

Yo Mama Weapons

Fat Tummy

Super Fart

Vote who would win

also vote where they should fight

1.Justin Bieber Concert


Voting ends Friday 5th July 2013


In a quiet California house,A Mama is reading a book. Suddenly the doorbell rings,Mama opens the door. Justin Bieber is at her door singing ""Baby".Annoyed by the music,Mama farts in Justin's face.Justin punches Mama two times in the face. They both start punching each other until Justin readies his bieber blast.Mama blocks the blast with her tummy and delivers a roundhouse kick to Justin's head.Justin chases Mama to her room and he punches Mama again,Mama farts in Justin's face again and it disturbs him like a black egg.Justin doesn't know where Mama is but as he looks up.

Mama jumps off her closet and crushes Justin with her fat tummy.Mama walks out of her room and goes back to reading her book.

Winner:Yo Mama

Mama won because Justin Bieber sucks and 6 votes went to Yo Mama and only 1 went to Justin

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