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  • MrPacheco101

    Yeah it's been awhile since i did a battle here, but I'm back and bringing you a battle between two of the most well-known names in Reggae music The former Wailer members and friendly rivals...

    Bob "Tuff Gong" Marley(1945-1981): The man who brought the reggae music on the map with his his lyrics of love, peace, and unity in such songs like "One Love/Peple Get Ready" and " Three Little Birds".


    Peter "The Toughest" Tosh(1944-1987): A muscian known for his controversial lyrics about legalization of marijuana, his militant stand for equal rights and justice for all Africans, the government system, and his run-ins with the law.


    Years Active: 1962-1981


    Associated bands: The Wailers (1962-1973)

    Backing Band & Vocals…

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  • MrPacheco101

    Howlin Wolf: A blues musician known for his hard edge and slighty fearsome music style vs. Muddy Waters: a blues musician known as The Godfather of Modern Chicago Blues who is the best!?

    Howlin Wolf-Smokestack Lightning

    Muddy Waters-Manish Boy

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  • MrPacheco101

    Wu-Tang Clan: Rappers coming from the streets of Shaolin vs. Young Money:The new mellenium rappers WHO IS DEADLIEST!?

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