• Oshbosh

    McDonald n' Pals: Mascots for McDonalds

    Cereal Mascots: Mascots for various cereal brands


    Ronald McDonald


    Birdie the Early Bird

    Officer Big Mac

    Weapon Range Weapon
    Melee Fists
    Mid Range French Fry Whip
    Long Range Hamburger Throw
    Special Apple Bomb

    Voting ends by September 2nd.

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  • Oshbosh

    O.W.C.A vs The Toon Patrol

    November 6, 2012 by Oshbosh

    Today,for my first battle here, we have two law enforcing, secret agennt animal groups. They are...

    The Toon Patrol: The police force of Toon Town

    O.W.C.A: The Orginization Without A Cool Acronym that employs animals as secret agents

    Who is deadliest

    (By the way, yes i'm doing this on Deadliest Fiction, but I think this would fit well here as well.)

    Smarty: Revolver, Switchblade

    Greasy: Semi Automatic Pistol, Switchblade

    Pyscho: Straight Razor

    Wheezy: Tommy Gun

    Stupid: Baseball bat with a nail through it

    Perry the Platypus: Buzzsaw, crossbow, ray gun, jet pack (all agents have martial arts, Jet pack and crossbow)

    Terry the Turtle: Carbonator (orange juice gun)

    Agent K (kitty cat): Claws

    Agent R (racoon): Claws

    Agent B (Bear): Claws, Teeth

    Voting ends by …

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