Today,for my first battle here, we have two law enforcing, secret agennt animal groups. They are...

The Toon Patrol: The police force of Toon Town

O.W.C.A: The Orginization Without A Cool Acronym that employs animals as secret agents

Who is deadliest

(By the way, yes i'm doing this on Deadliest Fiction, but I think this would fit well here as well.)

The Toon Patrol

Smarty: Revolver, Switchblade

Greasy: Semi Automatic Pistol, Switchblade

Pyscho: Straight Razor

Wheezy: Tommy Gun

Stupid: Baseball bat with a nail through it


Perry the Platypus: Buzzsaw, crossbow, ray gun, jet pack (all agents have martial arts, Jet pack and crossbow)

Terry the Turtle: Carbonator (orange juice gun)

Agent K (kitty cat): Claws

Agent R (racoon): Claws

Agent B (Bear): Claws, Teeth


Voting ends by November 20th. Votes must be detailed and at least 5 sentences long. Get voting!

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