Chuck Norris, the ultimate fighter ever Vs. Mr. T the bouncer who pitys the fool Weapons:

Mr. T:

Close Punching
Mid Brass knuckles
Special I pity the fool

Chuck Norris:

Close Beard Fist
Mid Roundhouse kick
Special Pure awesomeness
Chuck norris

The Almighty

Mr. T

"I Pity the fool"

Chuck Norris walks through a wasteland when he sees Mr. T flying at him and their fists collide making an explosion the size of the the moon.

Both get up, Mr. T puts on brass knuckles says"I Pity the Fool" and punches but chuck Norris deflects it with his awesomeness. Chuck then uppercuts Mr. T with his beard fist, launching him 80 feet in the air.

Mr. T looks up to see Chuck Norris's boot as he roundhouse kicked him.

Winner Chuck Norris

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