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  • I was born on November 23
  • I am Male
  • Samurai234

    "Weird Al" Yankovic: The artist and Comedian from Lynwood famous for his parodies of other artists' songs!

    Christopher Walken: The crazy actor known for his unexpected moments!

    Who is deadliest?!

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  • Samurai234

    Konata Izumi: The Otaku whose love of Anime and Manga is almost as big as her hair.

    Stinkoman: The Hero of Planet K who is always Challenge and fighting and Fighting the challenge tonight.


    last round, Thomas the Tank Engine ran Barney the Dinosaur 4-0.

    close range Martial Arts
    mid range Hadoken
    long range Rifle and Kamehameha wave
    Special Magic (Konata can perform Magic with her wand. However, she needs to have the star on the wand for it to work. if the wand falls off, she can't perform magic.)
    vehicle ARX-7 Arbalest

    In a japanese park, Konata Izumi is taking a walk after a hard day at school and work. Suddenly, she hears grunting noises coming across the bushes. Wondering what it could be, she decides to investigate. She finds…

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  • Samurai234

    Thomas the Tank Engine: The really useful engine who took kids on adventures since 1945.

    Barney the Dinosaur: The happy go lucky purple T-Rex, who is known for his happiness.

    Who is Deadliest?!

    Last Round: The Eds beat The Brothers Strong, 5-2

    Thomas is chugging across the Island pulling his coachs Annie and Clarabel. He is tired and is heading back to the sheds to relax after a hard day of work. Unaware to him, Barney the Dinosaur is watching him. Jelous of Thomas' popularity, he decides to kill him. He hides in a bush and waits for Thomas to pass by. As soon as Thomas passes by, he jumps on Clarabel and starts climbing to Thomas. He tries to dump a bucket full of dirty water into Thomas' water holder, but Thomas comes to a sharp turn, causin…

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  • Samurai234

    The Eds: Three Zany kids from the Cul-de-sac whose goals are get as many Jawbreakers as they can.

    The Brothers Strong: The family from parts unknown who pass the time by playing pranks.


    The Eds:

    The Brothers Strong:

    In the junkyard, the Eds, who are dressed up as the fearless space outlaws, are passing the time. Ed is reading a comic book, Double D is building weapons, and Eddy is taking a nap. Suddenly, they hear a loud crash. Wondering what it could be, they grab their weapons and walk off.

    Meanwhile, we see a 1970's AMC Gremlin crashed into a pile of trash. The Brothers Strong, Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Strong Mad exit the car. They also pull out Strong Sad from the back seat, who is tied up. They intented to drown Strong S…

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