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    Michael Jackson- The King of Pop and child sensation

    Justin Bieber- The "next Michael Jackson" and the most popular teenager in the world.

    1. It will be in rap battle format
    2. State why the person would win
    3. You can include a rhyme or two for me to include
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  • Sport Shouting

    Freddiew vs Smosh

    November 5, 2011 by Sport Shouting

    This battle didn't work on Deadliest Fiction wiki so I did it here.

    Smosh- the youtube channel full of hilarious warfare.

    Freddiew- The channel full of intense action


    Smosh- S&W Model 59- Going to the Mountains

    AK-47- Pokemon in Real Life 2
    Donut Flamethrower- Food Battle 2010

    Freddiew- Revolver- Cereal Killer

    HK 636- Flower Warfare
    AT4- Rocket Jump

    The weapons for this youtube channel clash are.....

    Freddiew Smosh
    Close Range- Revolver S&W Model 59
    Long Range- HK G36 AK-47
    Special- AT4 Donut Flamethrower Read more >