Rebecca Black: teen pop star known to be the worst singer of all time vs.Fred Figglehorn: loud chipmunk voiced video maker who is the most subscribed person on youtube. Two of the most hated youtubers of all time, but only one can be The Deadliest Idiot!!!

Fred Figglehorn

Long range: High Pich Squeal

Hey, its Fred!

Mid range: Neighbourhood Squirrels

Short range: Katana

Minions: Subscibers

Rebecca Black

Long range: Super Sonic Shriek
Rebecca black

It's Friday, Friday, got to get down on Friday!

Mid range: Car

Short range: Kilij

Minions: Friends










Fred is walking down the street with 3 subscribers. Suddenly a red convertable is driving down the street, in the car there is an annoying teen shrieking. Once the car is 50 feet away the shriek makes one of the subscribers head explodes. Fred smirks and squeals as loud as he can, flipping the car over causing one of the teens to be crushed. Black and her two remaining friends crawl out of the wreckage and frown. Black orders her friend to steel a car, the friend then runs into a guy's car and steals it, she then runs over one of the Fred fans. Fred then sees some pameranians near a tree. Fred yells out "Help me squirrles"! The dogs then run at the car and jump over the windsheild and into the car. Black abandons her friend and leaves the car as her friend is mauled by the dogs, the dogs then run off into some guy's yard, revealing the friends face to be ripped off. Black then charges the last Fred fan with a Kilij and lops of her head with ease. Fred unsheaths his Katana and cuts off the legs of the last friend and slits his throat. The two internet sensations lock eyes and charge eachother in slow motion Black stabs Fred in the chest. He falls down, but instantly gets up. Black then yells "Why wont you die!" to wich Fred replies in a demonic voice "I'LL NEVER DIE!" and he beheads her with his katana. He then brushes some blood away from his lip and keeps walking.

Winner: Fred Figglehorn

Experts Opinion

Rebecca Black sucks

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