• The Deadliest Warrior

    Mick Jagger: The lead vocalist of the Rolling Stones and small-time film actor!

    John Lennon: One of the most famous of the Beatles who won fame the world over!


    You just need to either vote in the poll or leave a comment saying who you want to win - no "reasons" necessary, although lobbying for your to those who voted for the opposite team is encouraged.


    Mick Jagger is walking in the sky. He hears singing and looks over to see John Lennon practicing on his guitar. Angrily, Mick shouts at Lennon, "Hey! You! Get off of my cloud!"

    Lennon looks over at Mick and says, "Hey man, I'm just headed over to Sgt. Pepper's Club... I'll be going then." As he starts to walk away, Mick Jagger throws a microwave oven at him. It hits him in the…

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