Santa Claus, the privacy-violating giver of presents on Christmas Day!

The Easter Bunny, the egg-bringing visitor of homes on Easter!


Santa Claus: Easter Bunny:
Close: Whip Close: Fists
Medium: Snowball Medium: Egg
Long: Snowball-shooting AK-47 Long: Mint-shooting M4A1
Explosive: Explosive Snowball Explosive: Explosive Easter Egg
Special: "Ho Ho Ho" Sonic Boom Special: Boomerang
Minions: Christmas Elves Minions: Anthropomorphic Rabbits


  • This will be 3-on-3, with Santa and 2 elves vs. EB and 2 rabbits.
  • Santa's sleigh will appear as transportation and will not be used in the real battle.

The Battle


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