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  • I was born on June 18
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  • Wassboss

    Clayton vs Gaston

    July 27, 2011 by Wassboss

    Clayton: The Hunter from tarzan who wanted to capture the gorrillas and sell them to the zoo


    Gaston: The hunter from beauty and the beast who was obsessed with marrying belle and killing the beast

    Who is deadliest

    Firearm: Musket

    Other weapons: Club and dagger

    Henchmen: Angry villagers

    Firearm: Shotgun
    Other weapon: Machete
    Henchmen: Poacher

    Each warrior will be assisted by 3 men.


    Clayton and three hunters are walking through a small french town, looking for soemone who can help them get back to england. They turn a corner and come across gaston who standing in the middle of the street with three angry villagers who are holding clubs and daggers. One of the hunters tries to approch them but gaston whips out his musket and fires,…

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  • Wassboss

    Abraham lincon: The 14th president of the united states


    J.F.Kennedy: The 35th president of the united states

    Who is deadliest


    John F Kennedy is fighting zombies in the octogan. He is spraying them with bullets from his uzi. Abraham Lincon turns the corner and spots kennedy. He walks over to greet him but Kennedy mistakes him for a zombie and opens fire on him but lincon jumps behind a overturned table. He takes off his hat and reaches into it, pulling out an AK-47. He puts the assault rifle over the table and begins firing at kennedy who jumps behind another overturned table and loads another clip into his uzi. He also fires at lincon niether of them being able to score a hit. Eventualy Kennedy runs out of ammo and tosses his gun asid…

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  • Wassboss

    The Jamacan bobsled team: The 4 jamacan's who made it too the winter olimpics.


    The Beatles: The most famous band in the world and singers of many loved songs

    Who is deadliest

    Members of the jamacan bobsled team

    Note: These are not the names of the actual bobsled team just those in the film cool runnings.

    Derice Bannock-The driver. He is the best trained out of all of the other combatants

    Yul Brenner- The second middle man. He is the biggest and strongest of the jamacans and also the most determined.

    Sanka Coffie- The brake man. He is the comic relief of the group. Is not really very fit but will still try to do his best.

    Junior Bevil- The first middle man. He is the smallest but quickest of the jamacans.

    Members of the beatles

    John Lennon- The mos…

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  • Wassboss

    Bart simpson: The rebellious ten year old boy and the eldest son of marge and homer simpson.


    Ferb fletcher: The young boy who with the help of his brother phineas make wild and wonderful inventions.

    Who is deadliest

    Bart simpson
    Close range: Skateboard
    Mid range: Slingshot
    Long range: Homer's gun
    Special weapon: Fire cracker

    Ferb is working with phineas on a new machine that can turn people into dogs. Suddenly something hits the machine and it explodes sending the two you boys flying into the side of the house. Ferb gets to his feet and runs over to phineas who is not moving. He checks his pulse but their is nothing thier. Ferb starts to cry, the tear flowing from his eyes. He heres laughing from over the fence and peers over it. Bart is tellin…

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  • Wassboss

    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: The humble owner of the springfield Kwik-E-Mart


    Moe Szyslak: The bartender who owns the bar, Moe's

    Who is deadliest

    Moe is walking around the springfield dump looking for anything valuable. He spots a diamond sitting in amongst an pile of rubbish. He goes to fetch it when suddenly a bullet flies past his head. He turns and sees apu standing at the far end of the dump with a assault rifle in hand. Moe takes out his trusty double barrel shotgun and fires at apu but the spread is too far to hit him. Apu fires another few shots at moe but they all miss. Moe then chages at apu, trying to close the distance between them. Apu tries to hit him again but the bullets just fly past moe's head. Moe (Having closed the distance) f…

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